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It’s a once in a lifetime safari that requires thoughtful planning. Being in the heart of nature’s drama requires excellent local guides.Witness the very best of Africa. Be dwarfed by wildlness immensity, admire the Serengeti’s diverse landscapes, awe at nature’s greatest spectacle during the Great Migration, and encounter the Earth’s most magnificent animals on a wildlife experience unparalleled across the globe. Ratel Adventure’s experts will design a tailor-made safari just for you to enhance Tanzania’s exceptionalism.

Nothern Ecological Wonders Safari

Visit the most interesting and famous national parks in the country.

4 Days Big Five Safari

The famous Tarangire , Ngorongor crater & Serengeti Endless Plains.

Sand & Soil Experience Safari

This package is unique and customizable for all travellers

6 Days Taste of Tanzania Safari

You will explore the flawless immersion into Tanzania’s magnificent wilderness.

4 Days Tanzania Family Safari

It is an exclusive safari and iconic. The Safari adventure into Africa’s untold

5 Days Migration Safari

The nature itself is influenced by nature. Remarkable view of the Great Migration