Rumanyika National Park

Rumanyika Highlights

This is one of the new parks established in 2019, it is found in Kagera region Kyerwa district. It is in this park where the three countries of Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda boarders’ meet. The park is rich in wildlife attractions and sunrise and sunset are easily seen. Kagera river is the main source of water for this park and nourishes its rich resources. Leopard, Hippos, Roan antelopes, Buffalo and many more are found in this park


Rumanyika game reserve is located around Lake Victoria zone in Kagera Region, North West of Tanzania. It is adjacent to Biharamulo and Burigi Game Reserve, and also within the Kishanda valley in the same region.


By road The area can be accessed by road; there are buses from Kaisho (18.4km,Kyerwa (26.6km or Kaitambuzi (27.1km)


The temperature of ranges between 130 C to 410 C depending on the area elevation.


Rain seasons is between January to April. This is the wonderful time for birdlife watchers although accessibility through most of roads becomes impossible because of heavy rains. The annual rainfall ranges from 750 millimeters (mm) in the east to 1,300 mm in the west parts of the game reserve.


Abundance of wildlife Abundance of wildlife found in this Game Reserve include; elephants, elands, waterbucks, roan antelopes, giraffes, warthogs, lions, hippos and some many bird types.


  • Hunting
  • Bird watching

Best Time Visit June to August: This is the best time for enjoying Wild flowers and Butterflies. December to February: Time for birds’ migration.

Accommodation Inside the park

Tented camps