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Magoroto Forest

The Magoroto Forest Estate with its tropical rain forest is the perfect spot for getaway. The estate is located on an altitude of 850m above sea level where temperature is pleasant all year around. Due to the altitude there are almost no mosquitos.
The Estate offers stunning views from the Muheza Valley to the Indian Ocean. Learn about organic spice production such as cardamom, pepper, cloves, vanilla, cinnamon, tea and many other useful plants. Have a picnic or swim at the lake.

25 minutes from Muheza (13 km), 1 hour from Tanga, 1 hour from Segera. In Muheza turn off the main road and drive towards Amani Nature reserve. 2 km outside Muheza turn right at the Amani sign and follow the rough (all weather) road for 1 km. When you reach the Magoroto Estate sign follow the road for 1 km to the headquarters.
What to do within Magoroto estate

DAY 1 -Depature – Magoroto Forest Estate (Tanga)

Welcome to Magoroto. Upon arrival at the Magoroto Main House, You will attend a short speech about the History of Magoroto Forest Estate. Then proceed on spice tour which gives you an opportunity to learn more about spices, how they are grown and processed. The spices grown in Magoroto are all organic and packaged in retail packs for you to carry one as souvenir on your departure. Thereafter head for the walkways for forest walking where you can explore nature. Walk through the numerous water streams in the forest and learn about the plant species in Magoroto. Walk towards the Lake Campsite for Tent allocations and Lunch by the Lakeside. After Lunch, prepare for a 4HRS hike to the View Point via Kwa Mn’gon’go Trail. After a long tiring hike, our trails end at the lake where you can refresh with a cool fresh swim in the lake. This is ensured to rejuvenate you and keep you fresh for the next activities. You can also do rafting, boat ride, fishing and other activities in the Campsite.
By 2000HRS be ready for dinner, networking, berbecue (at cost), music, boardgames, bonfires, etc. Evening bonfires are the best, giving friends and guests an opportunity to come together and connect under the night sky. Overnight at Magoroto Lakeside Campsite

DAY 2 – Wake-up to see the Morning Fog, Hike & Breakfast.(Tanga)
The morning views are truly magical and the experience is worth a try. In the morning start hiking to the waterfalls, where you will get the best pictures (2hrs) After the Hike enjoy your breakfast and then proceed for last minute lake activities, bike riding to the village, capture mesmerizing photos, and pack for departure.